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Invitation Wording Ideas

Before there are loved ones that come to celebrate your special day of 2 houses becoming 1 and hear the "I Do's", they first have to get the information of your ceremony, like:

• The request to attend to your wedding
• The date and time of celebration
• Names of the bride & groom
• Reception information
• RSVP card...crucial
• Who's hosting
• The location
• Dress code

In this post we will be touching on each of these individual to-do tasks.

Wedding invitation wording is not as fun to contemplate about as color palette, paper designs or calligraphy. But in reality even the most breath-taking wedding invitations have to correctly explain the details of the ceremony to it's guests.

The Request To Attend Your Wedding (...duh)

There are a bunch of ways to ask for your guests to bless your wedding with their presence:

• Request the pleasure of your company
• Request the honour of your presence
• Invite you to celebrate with them
• Invite you to join them
• Please join us for 

 These are the main types of used requests, you can use any of these or make up your own that's along the same lines

The Date And Time Of Celebration

If you are having a less formal type of wedding then it is fine to use numerals in the date. But formally in weddings everything is written out in full text, no numerals allowed. Use "o'clock" when referring to the time of day, for example:

"Saturday the sixteenth of June
two-thousand twenty
at eight o'clock in the evening"

"Tuesday, the fifth of May
two-thousand twenty
at eleven o'clock in the morning"

"Sunday the thirty-first of July
two-thousand twenty
at five o'clock in the afternoon"

Names Of The Bride & Groom 

Their names should be included in the host line, if not then they should still take center stage a few lines down and be in big bold letters that you can't miss, the whole point of the day IS about them. Now some people have the question of whose name goes first on a wedding invitation?
Traditionally the name of the bride always precedes the groom's name

 Bride & Groom Names on Invitation



Reception Information

This can be printed on the actual wedding invitation if there is room on the card. Otherwise It can be on its own separate card, this way you don't have to stress about space.

But be sure to remember whenever the reception and wedding ceremony are held at different locations, they are considered separate events, in this case each requires its own card.


This is almost as important as the invitation, without these how will you know how many people are coming , what they want to eat and the music playlist (if you want to allow your guests to have special song requests).
It will also have its own separate envelope with your return address printed on it for your guests to fill out and send back to you.

Who's Hosting

The bride's parents are the hosts of the wedding, traditionally, and their names are at the top of the invitation. Sometimes the grooms parents chip in for the wedding as well and will also be added to the top of the invitation, right underneath the brides parents.

If it's a collective effort to pay for and contribute to the creation of the special day, hosted and paid for by the bride, groom and both sets of parents, you can also use "Together with their parents, (Bride name) and (Grooms name) request the pleasure of your company at their ceremony..."

The Location

Make sure to have the important info so your guests can find exactly where your ceremony will be taking place: street name, venue #, city, state, etc.
Clear and concise directions to the location is key here.

Dress Code

Some would think that its a no brainer and because its a wedding or some other important event, that dress code should be assumed to be fancy. But in actuality the design and elegance of the wedding invitation dictates what the dress code will be, if it's not already included in the text of the invitation. If you don't include a statement about the attire, the invitation "elegance" will dictate the dress code. For example, if the invitation is very fancy, guests will likely anticipate a formal, suit & tie affair, or a simpler invitation, that indicates a more casual attire.


Here Are Some Examples Of Complete Invitations Wording

Invitation Wording
Invitation Wording 2
Invitation Wording 3
Invitation Wording 4